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05/24/2022 10:37:47 pm

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The audit consisted of 34 questions arranged in 5 themes. These were as follows:-

Theme 1: Preparing for a consultation
  • Developing, appraising and shortlisting options in a systematic way
  • Preparing and publishing pre-consultation (issue) papers to elicit stakeholder views prior to options development
  • Determining the precise scope for a consultation exercise and drafting a suitable mandate
  • Calculating and agreeing a realistic budget for a consultation exercise
  • Forming and managing multi-disciplinary teams to undertake a consultation
  • Creating a pre-consultation business case or case for change
  • Familiarity with the relevant legal concepts around public consultation and knowing when to seek specialist legal advice

  • Theme 2: Stakeholder Management
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Conducting a stakeholder mapping exercise for a specific consultation – using approved techniques (e.g. Interest / influence grid)
  • Awareness of equalities duties and accessibility requirements for stakeholders with protected characteristics
  • Using digital engagement and digital tools to enhance the consultation outreach

  • Theme 3: Dialogue Management
  • Providing advice on the range of dialogue methods to be used in a specific consultation
  • Maintaining high accessibility standards in all consultation communications
  • Designing a questionnaire that is straightforward to complete with clear and meaningful questions that are relevant to informing decision making
  • Designing and organising Focus Groups or similar discussions
  • Ability to facilitate small or large groups to consider issues as part of a consultation
  • Designing and organising deliberative events
  • Preparing and delivering presentations for engagement or consultation meetings (e.g. Seminars or public meetings)
  • Drafting a consultation paper
  • Developing and publishing appropriate content in support of a consultation, to enable consultees to give a considered response
  • Designing and managing a public meeting or equivalent
  • Designing and organising co-production exercises
  • Using social media in the support of consultation & engagement activity

  • Theme 4: Analysis & Feedback
  • Preparing a comprehensive analysis plan (e.g. setting research questions and specifying how feedback should be interpreted)
  • Statistical analysis of quantitative data obtained via questionnaire or survey
  • Analysis of non-structured (qualitative) data
  • Creation of coding structure for capturing data
  • The presentation of data – drawing out the main points from the consultation and using graphs and pictures to present results
  • Providing summaries of what the consultation output (the sum of the views given) was to participants and others after a consultation
  • Providing summaries of the decisions taken with regard to the consultation, including the process of due consideration and implementation timeline.
  • Preparing appropriate responses and messages to individual stakeholders or consultees
  • Preparation of Comprehensive Impact Assessment and ongoing consideration of equality issues

  • Theme 5: Influencing decisions
  • Preparation of consultation output as a submission to decision makers
  • Implementing changes (theory of change)

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