How it works

The process

  1. We help you set up your online questionnaire based on the skills you want to audit
  2. You give us the email addresses of your employee cohort
  3. Participants get an email with a personalised link to complete the online questionnaire
  4. Once all the participants have completed the questionnaire, we compile your results and send you the report
  5. You can inspect the results yourself using our online tool



Each participant is sent a unique web link by email which they can use to launch the online questionnaire.

Question sets are separated by theme (e.g. project management) and the semantic anchors are provided.  A participant must rate each skill based on the relevance it has to their job and their perceived proficiency.

The solution allows full control over email distribution and result management.

Individual skill gap assessment

A full breakdown of the results is provided alongside a training recommendation for each skill.

Based on the gap between relevancy and proficiency for highly relevant skills, skill requirements are prioritised and displayed per individual.

Understand Company-Wide Capabilities

A composite view of the audit is available to view at any time, as results are submitted.

This is a powerful way of identifying gaps between team members who require the same skill sets or as an organisation as a whole.